Paris to Lourdes then back to Toulouse

We need your help.

Our family of 6 people will going from Paris ORY to Lourdes airport and return from Lourdes to Toulouse Airport.

Any one have any suggestion on the best way from Lourdes LDE airport (arriving at 5:50 pm) to Lourdes Basilica AND from Lourdes Basilica to Toulouse Airport TLS (for the flight in 10AM)?

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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There will be taxis from the airport to the shrine; you'll need to walk from entrance to the churches within the shrine. I don't remember the taxi cost, but it was about a 30-minute ride. With six people, you'll need a van or two taxis.

However, I'm not sure that your schedule is very practical. You'll only be in Lourdes for a few hours on one evening. You'd need to leave very early the next morning to make that flight. I'd suggest adding at least one more full day.

I would suggest you check the website of the shrine for schedule of liturgies, map of precinct, etc, and see if you can add another day.

Posted by tatn06
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Thank you Sherry. We do have 2 night at Lourdes. Do you happen to know the website to book the van from Lourdes to Toulouse airport?

Posted by Rachel
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An option to consider is to book your second night in Toulouse and take the train from Lourdes to Toulouse your second evening. You'd need to see if that would work with train schedules. Have only done this trip by train to/from Paris....

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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Sorry, I don't have any leads on vans. However, I remember that the airport has a useful website; I'd suggest looking there. There is also a bus from the airport to Lourdes. But with a large group, that might be almost as expensive as a van.

Do give yourself some quiet time in Lourdes. It's a remarkably holy place. The Masses in the grotto in the VERY early morning are really quiet and beautiful; however, if you decide to go very early, do identify the gate that's open all night--it's not the main gate. Also, the high Stations of the Cross, which takes you up a mountain overlooking the grotto, is remarkably beautiful. You can find schedules and details on the website of the shrine, and also at the information building as you enter.

Have a wonderful trip.

Posted by Laura
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Direct trains from Lourdes to Toulouse Matabiau station take 2 - 3 hours and bus from there to the airport takes another half hour. You should plan to stay overnight in Toulouse, in preference to leaving Lourdes at 5:00 a.m. and worrying about your connections the whole time.