Paris to Interlaken ost TGV train help

I know this question has been asked before but trying to book August TGV tickets from Paris to Interlaken ost, and it will not allow the date, do you know how many months ahead we can book tickets? Also tried a mock up one for Feb just to see times it would run and it would not allow me to book anything but the 17:57 ?
any help tips would be great. Would want to go earlier in the day. THANKS

Posted by steven
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Jean , bookings for TGV are 90-92 days before date of travel . I think the problem you have with making a " dummy " booking is that February is at the height of winter sports season and there is a lot of traffic to and from Interlaken as it is the stepping off point to the Berner Oberland and the myriad destinations there i.e. Grindelwald , Lauterbrunnen , Wengen , Murren , etc. Try a fake booking in , say May , and try doing it on DB bahn . You'll probably be able to see schedules, but you won't be able to buy tickets there . For a great overview of general information on European trains , see " The Man in Seat 61 " website . Happy Travels!

Posted by Tim
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The 17:57 train goes directly from Gare de Lyon to Interlaken Ost. Your fastest route with only one connection is Gare de Lyon-Basel-Interlaken Ost. You can depart at 06:15, 08:23, 10:23, and 14:23. There are other routes that require an additional connection and take longer. Book ASAP (up to three months allowed) on to get a Piccolissimo discount fare for Paris-Basel. If you get it, your total fare for the entire ride will be €78.20. If you have to pay full fare for Paris-Basel, your total fare will be €166.20.

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There's a far simpler answer as to why it would only let you book the 1757 on whatever website you were using. Reason: there is only one direct TGV to Interlaken Ost, and it is that one. If you had been willing to change on the way to another train you could have found many connection every day that make that run. Look at the Bahn schedules as they are easiest to follow, then use the French website (don't let it push you over to RailEurope by not telling it that you are from New Hampshire - say you are from the UK) to look for good fares or use the Swiss trains website to get good ones there. For all the other ones, depending if you take the train from Gare de l'Est or Gare de Lyon you will need to change in Strasbourg, and / or Basel, and maybe Spiez.