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Paris to Gimmelwald overnight train best?

What's the best way to get from Paris to Gimmelwald via train. Per website it says take the overnight train (Paris 22:43 9:15 Overnight Basel 10 hours 32 minutes) to Interlaken. W e are staying in Murren.


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For current timetables, go to Click on "Internat. Guests" to view the site in English. The night train leaves Paris at 22:45 and goes to Karlsruhe. From there you go to Basel, Interlaken, and several other points before arriving in Gimmelwald at 11:15.

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If you are staying in Murren, it probably makes more sense to go there first because there's nowhere really in Gimmelwald to leave luggage. Also, it's easier to take luggage up via the cable car/train as they move it from cable to train for you and many hotels/chalets will pick up your luggage for you at the station.

You can then walk or take the other cable car down to Gimmelwald to explore without being weighted down.

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As above, you might want to get to Murren first and check in. We were just in Gimmelwald and didn't see any trains. Only gondola access. Once in Murren, you can take the 45 minute walk down to Gimmelwald (beautiful) or take the gondola. I also note that your ticket seems to take you to Interlaken. Make sure it's Interlaken Ost and not Interlaken West. Next, I'm betting that you don't have a ticket into Lauterbrunnen where you transfer to the Murren train. Coming from Venice, we didn't either. It's a different train system and you have to pay in Swiss Francs. Not a biggee. It's a 20-minute local. just buy the tickets at Interlaken. The train up to Murren runs through the day. To see the schedule from Lauterbrunnen to Murren BLM, go first to Select search connection. On the left, select Stops & Stations. Type in Lauterbrunnen, select time frames and under Travel With, select "only trains". Press the first "show" button. This great train schedule will appear.

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You are correct about the trains, but I recommend renting a car. Even though trains are greatin Suisse, they take forever. With gasoline costing alot, it is actually faster to travel around Suisse with a car. Rent one as you get over the border in Suisse. Its faster to go by car from Lauterbrunnen to Grindelwald by car (5 minutes verses 1+ hours or more)

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This Die Bahn site has train schedules:

There is a direct (no changes) TGV train departing 08:24 from Paris EST and arriving in Zurich at 12:58...duration 4 hours 34 minutes

We took the night train from Paris to Zurich and missed so much scenery. We would not do that again.

There are trains departing Zurich at 13:32 and at 14:00 for Lauterbrunnen....2 train changes 1 at Bern and the other at Interlaken OST to Lauterbrunnen. From there you can go to Murren or Gimmelwald.

We took those trains and it was a pleasant trip.

Here is the SBB link:

Hope this helps.