Paris to Bayeux- train ticket help

I have been trying to order tickets online for Paris to Bayeux at the end of May. The price on Rail Europe is $108 per person, whereas the price on tgv-europe is only 30 euros per person, but my payment transaction on tgv-europe has been rejected twice. I called my credit card company and it wasn't them that rejected it. Can anyone help me? Thank you!

Posted by Ken
Spring, Texas
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I've had the same problem. My Visa won't work but MasterCard seems to go through without a problem. The other thing you can do is send an email that explains your problem. You might get their customer service to help.

Posted by Becky
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Thanks, Ken. I didn't even think to try another card, and the Master Card worked great and within a few minutes I had the tickets. I was sure hoping we didn't have to pay the inflated price through Rail Europe. Again, thanks.

Posted by Cici
St. Augustine, FL
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I had the same issue last week when booking my trip...I tried two separate Visa cards and an American Express with no luck. I called my cc company and at first they had denied the charge... So they removed the block and I tried again while I had them on the phone..still no luck...tried again the next day in case the "system" had to update and I still couldn't get it to go through. Exasperated, I tried PayPal using one of the Visa cards that wouldn't work before and it immediately went through...go figure! Cici

Posted by gone
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hi, made the same train trip early last year. had no issues with the purchase. but while browsing for times/$$$, i did. if you still cant do the purchase, try using a different browser. happy trails.