Paris Rental car drop off choices

I will be dropping off a car in or near Paris on Saturday around 4pm. Will driving to the Montparnasse railroad station drive me crazy or should I just get it to Orly and take other transportation in to central Paris? I'm coming in from Burgundy on A6.

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Looks pretty straight forward to me. I use Mapquest directions, others use Michelin. Exit A6 onto the periphique going left (clockwise), get off first exit at Porte d'Orleans, go straight through the first roundabout onto Ave du General LeClerc, then next roundabout, third exit onto Ave du Maine then straight ahead to Montparnasse station. Getting from there to the exact rental car drop location will be the tricky part. Input the exact street adress in one of those websites.

Posted by Ed
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'Getting from there to the exact ....tricky part.' Actually it will be a royal bitch. I get heckled about advocating Paris driving all the time. Okay, so I've been doing for decades. Guess what I wouldn't try to tell anybody what to do? All of the streets along where the rental car joints are will be one-way against you. When you try to sneak around the block, you're going to find more of the same. I can do it, but it would be almost by Braille - - I couldn't start to explain it. Try to do it while reading street signs or watching a GPS and you'll get to the car place behind a wrecker.

Posted by Bets
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It depends on your level of tolerance for traffic jams. There are three possible jam points. First, the autoroutes start converging about 20 kilometers out, all heading for the same few places, but I don't think that would be a problem at that time on a Saturday. If you went to Orly, you'd be getting off before the worst jams and taking a bus or metro into town. On Sunday it would be bad 20k out, but not Saturday. Second, for several years there was some construction work at the Porte d'Orleans causing problems, but it may be finished now. Finally, and here is where it could be bad is lots of people are shopping, going out for fun inside Paris, and those are major arteries you take to get to Montparnasse. That's where you'd run into really bad traffic. The drop off is in a garage next to the train station, and as Ed said on a one-way street near all the shopping. My husband grew up and learned to drive 2 kilometers from the Porte d'Orleans, so driving in Paris doesn't bother either of us. With family in Burgundy, we've driven that route many, many times. We have no tolerance for the jams which seem to get worse each year. Yeh, I'd drop at Orly and let someone else do the driving.