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Paris Metro: Carnet vs Metro Pass

I'll be in Paris for 4 days and am debating whether buy a book of carnets or a metro pass. I don't see myself going much further out than Montmarte and I'm staying in an area where I can walk to most attractions. If I go carnets how much and can I buy a book at any metro stop?

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Unless you plan to use the pass 4 times a day (16 times), you will save money by buying a carnet. The pass is good Monday-Sunday. The carnet of 10 individual tickets can be shared with others.

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Thanks! I assume I can buy carnets at any metro station?

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We bought our carnets at a staffed ticket window at the RER station at CDG. Note that you must buy/use an RER ticket, not a Metro ticket, to get into Paris from the airport.

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jeff you can buy a carnet of metro tickets from almost any TABAC,, that's right those tobacco stores sell them behind the counter, easy to go in and ask for "un carnet for metro svp" ( after first greeting cashier with a bonjour madame or monsuier )
As well as at airport TI and most manned kiosks at metro /rer stations and of course at the machines. 13 euros for ten tickets.

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FYI, unless something has changed - and I doubt that - a carnet is simply 10 loose/separate tickets. You just get a break on the price (around 25%) if you buy them in groups of 10. I don't want you getting confused when you don't receive a 'booklet' of tickets ;-) For you, definitely get the carnet. Be Sure To Keep The Used Ones Separate From The Unused Ones! The ink used in the machines for validating can be very faint; there may be spot checks at the metro stations and if you present a ticket that's been validated twice, the fines are stiff. Make a system - maybe keep the 'good/unused' ones in your left pocket (removed from your daybag immediately before entering the metro station) and put the current ticket in your right pocket. Hang onto that ticket until after you've exited the metro station and are above ground - that's where the spot checks seem to happen most often. Then put that used one away! Toss it, stick it in an envelope for receipts, whatever. Don't let it get mixed in with the others. Since I don't know how familiar with French you are - 'svp' in Pat's post stands for 's'il vous plait'. I don't want you at the tabac asking for a 'svp' :-P