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Paris & France strikes...any boots on the ground?

Over a week old now. Eurostar has cancelled 100 trains from London to Paris. 10 lines on the Metro closed. 80% SCNF trains down. No travel unless absolutely necessary being advised

Are there any RS tours on the ground now? Are they all playing canasta in the hotel lobby? That must be a tough spot for the guide to be in

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I'd venture to say the RS tours in Paris and other parts of France are faring much better than the independent travelers. They use their own transportation for the most part, except on 'free time' days of course. I'm sure they will have the means to arrange something to keep their members traveling and sightseeing. They are flexible and equipped to make adjustments when stuff like this happens.

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I think the only tours that are running in France right now are the Best of Paris. There are ones scheduled to start on the 15th, 22nd and 29th so there should be one going in Paris now. The ones in Paris normally take the Metro everywhere altho we did have a bus for a couple of hours for a city sights tour when I did this tour.

Knowing the strike was coming I'd be very surprised if the guides and the office hadn't worked out alternatives for tour days. One of the days is Versailles so it would be possible to hire a bus for that trip.

This tour often stays at the Hotel Londres Eiffel. It is about a 10 minute walk from there to the Alma-Marceau Metro stop which looks like it has some trains running. That can connect to Line 1 which is automated and running. I did see pictures posted on FB earlier today of packed hallways at Chatelet tube station so that would be a concern

It's not too bad a walk to d'Orsay and Orangerie from this area and I would typically walk from the Notre Dame area back to this neighborhood but it might be a lot for a tour group.

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So technically I am boots on the ground in Paris visiting for a few days for work and I tested the challenges around train travel Dec 14 that has even more reduced service since it is a Saturday. Can you get around ? The answer is yes and you need time, patience and an adventurous attitude. Don’t get frustrated just tell yourself roll with the flow.
I was able to take train from CDG to Paris Du Nord on RERB. No other choice was available.
There was lots of RATP helpers. I then went down to the metro level and took another RER B ( yes 2RER B is very confusing) this one took me south to Chatele . There I connected on metro (not driven by humans) M1 and runs almost on time to champs ellysee. On the way back things got worse since it was past 6 pm. After 6 pm things become limited and they started shutting everything down. So I took a bus 21 to Opera and wallah, there was a bus direct to CDG for 13.70 euros. It only took an hour due to traffic at 9 pm on Saturday evening but it was not bad. Where there is a will there is way. If you have time allow yourself to experience the challenges it will only grow your mind more. Happy traveling! I am going to try again today:)