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Paris CDL to Chalon-Sur-Saone

We arrive CDL at 7:55 am and need to be in Chalon no later than 2:00pm. What is the best way to get there? (Keeping in mind we will have luggage!)

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I did a WEEKDAY search at the French train website and found the following two trains that would get you there on time (with one change). I just don't know if you can land at CDG at 7:55, get your luggage, go through customs and get the the Gare de Lyon to get the first train - so the second set of trains might be your best bet.

Departure and destination stations Times Train(s) Journey time: 03h05

PARIS GARE DE LYON 08h44 #6755

DIJON VILLE 11h06 #91413


Departure and destination stations Times Train(s) Journey time: 02h40

PARIS GARE DE LYON 10h34 #7659


DIJON VILLE 12h23 #91415

If you look on this board (either under Transportation or West), I am almost certain that there was a post in the past few days asking how to get to CDG to Gare de Lyon.

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Hi Sandy,

I searched the RATP site and found the following information about getting from CDG to Gare de Lyon. You'll want to double check this yourself (and put in the correct date of your arrival, etc.) at

Go to : CDG 1 - LES CARS AIR FRANCE (Air France Buses), take the yellow bus (Jaune) from CDG 1 in the direction of the Gare de Montparnasse, and get off at the Gare de Lyon stop. The whole trip will take you about an hour, according to this site.

It looks like they have one leaving at 9:09 that arrives shortly after 10:00.

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Sorry - I mean, "Hi Karen". I don't think I'm awake, need coffee....

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The Air France Bus (note: NOT just for AF passengers!) is indeed a good way to get to Gare Lyon, but if you are in a hurry and you find that you have just missed the bus you might do better on the RER and Metro. Otherwise I believe the buses are every 30 minutes or so, so just sit tight.

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You can give yourself plenty of leeway between your arrival at CDG and your departure for Chalon-sur-Saone by doing the following: Take a TGV directly from CDG to Lyon Part Dieu, departing at 09:45 and arriving at 11:50. Take a regional train from there to Chalon, departing at 12:05 and arriving at 13:23.