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Overnight train from Prague to Munich

I'm planning a trip to Europe in September.I will be purchasing a Eurail Selectpass for 10 days and a Prague Excursion Pass for the countries of Germany,Czech Republic,Switzerland,France,and Benelux.I wish to take an overnight train from Prague to Munich but i'm confused about which trains to take.Can anyone tell me which overnight trains to take using these railpasses?I understand that passes are not valid on Citynightline trains unless they cover your whole route.EurAide seems like the best place to reserve a sleeper on a overnight train.On the site they list Train 352 from Prague-Munich.A bed in a private double 42 Euros.Another website i visited was which listed train CNL 362.I have never been to Europe before and would appreciate any help or advice.

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Since the timetables at the DB site list the train as CNL 362, I assume that is the correct number. A reservation fee of 42 EUR for a bed in a private double seems way too low to me. And while you'll get the "in Europe" price at EurAide for reservations, there is also a $45 processing fee. You should do better at On the "What is required?" drop-down menu, pick ""Accomodation surcharge only, ticket exists." You'll see a full list of fees.

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Prague to Munich is only 6 hours and a few minutes by train.

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From the Czech border to Munich it is much cheaper to purchase a Bayern ticket than using a "Rail Pass Day".

A Prague Excursion Pass is not valid in Germany, Switzerland, France and Benelux. Train travel in the Czech Republic is very inexpensive.

Eurail Passes are not valid in Czech Republic.
Here is the link for the Czech Timetables:

We purchased Czech tickets from Prague to Furth Im Wald and had Bayern Tickets from Furth Im Wald to Munich....much cheaper.

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1.The Bayern ticket is only good from 9am to 3pm Mon to Fri. The train from Prague arrives in Munich at 6am, so this pass would be worthless unless you wanted to sit at the border for a few hours.
2.Unless you want to change the train 3 times, the non-stop train from Prague to Munich is 10 hrs. But you get to sleep uninterrupted.
3.The 1st Prague Excursion pass is less than $100.00 and it covers both arrival and departure from the German border. So it's the perfect complement to the Eurail Pass...
4.How much is the ticket from Prague to the border. It said "connection not found" every city I put in.

Jason, where did you get the information that your Eurail pass is not valid unless it covers the whole route? Also, when I went to, it showed me that the train from Prague to Munich is train 362, not 352... I was just at the EurAide website but all their prices are from last year! That surprises me because it sounds like a lot of people like that site. When are you going??