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Over 75 car rental

I just heard from a friend of mind that the UK will no longer allow people over the age of 75 to rent cars. 1.) is this true in other EU countries? Is there a way around this? Auto leasing, etc. Please help!!

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Drivers under 25 or over 70 years of age may need to pay an extra fee.

This is the wording I find when using expedia to search for rental in England and Italy.

Once you decide where in the EU you will be renting and which agency, you can determine if your age brings a prohibition or surcharge.

Did you ask your friend where he obtained his info?

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that is not a government regulation.

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I just looked on the U.K. Hertz and Sixt websites and there is reference to a minimum age but no maximum.

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Or you could be like John McCain’s mother. When she was in France in her nineties, the rental agencies deemed her too old to be renting a car, So she BOUGHT one! (I hope I can be like Mrs. McCain someday.)

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Seems I saw something, somewhere, referring to no rentals to drivers over 72, but not certain for what country.

Italy definitely has limits for younger drivers, higher charges for being under a certain age. I believe there are limits for older drivers, too, but can’t recall details at the moment. As indicated above, it should be confirmed with the rental company, and that could vary. One company might welcome your business even if another turns you away.

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Hertz in England refused to rent a car to me because I was over 75.