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Outcome of Jan 2020 Post about Level Air Consumer Problem

Level Air is part of International Airlines Group, owners of British Airways and Iberia. Level is one of IAG's low-cost carriers and has its primary hub in Barcelona.

A RS Forum member posted her pre-COVID-19 problem with Level in January 2020. To make a long story short, Level appeared to lose a couple's reservation, leaving them with little choice but to buy higher-priced last-minute tickets at the ticket counter on the day of the flight. The couple ultimately was marked as a "No Show" on the original itinerary despite being on the very flight that was on the original itinerary.

The forum member made the mistake of immediately pursuing a charge back on her credit card for the 2nd set of tickets, instead of trying to work things out with the airline. The credit card company found in favor of the airline because the airline had evidence the couple flew on the challenged tickets. The forum member was looking for help on getting her money back.

The OP was encouraged to get in touch with Elliott Advocacy. After an initial update about contact being made, no further updates came.

Today, I was reading Christopher Elliott's website and found a January 2021 article detailing the outcome. Level declined to refund either set of tickets even after Elliott Advocacy intervened, but a complaint to the US DOT resulted in the airline refunding the original cheaper tickets.

I'm glad the forum member got something, but I'm sad that it wasn't the price of the second set of tickets, which would seem to be what the airline morally owed her.

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Thanks for the report, Dave! I hadn’t seen the original posting, but your description makes it clear that some refund was better than nothing, but it still wasn’t a proper resolution for the customers. Imagine the airline losing the reservation record, but then charging the fully-present customers as No Shows. I guess Level didn’t lose the record after all. Inept at best, Sham at worst. Level wasn’t On the Level for those customers! I hope they at least had a pleasant flight - they sure paid for it.