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Hi, I downloaded the (French train) app on my iPhone. I’ve hunted through the whole app to find English preference to no avail. Does anyone know if the app is available in English and, if so, how do I find language preference? Since I don’t speak French I can’t figure out what I am missing.
Thanks for your help!

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Or Google " in English"

Bonne chance!

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I found it in English .... as a separate app, rather than an English option within the French app - in the Google Play store for Android by searching for " English"

I don't have an iPhone to confirm whether it's also available in English.

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I just downloaded the app on my iPhone to try to figure it out, and this is what I did:

  1. On the bottom right, click on the three dots with the word “plus” (more)

  2. Then scroll down until you find the settings icon (gear within a circle- 4th up from the bottom) with the words: “Mes Paramètres”- Click on this icon

  3. Then Scroll down to find, “CHOIX DU PAYS” (choose countries)
    and click on the French (Belgium or Luxembourg) flag icon.

  4. Scroll down (to the very bottom) and click on the world icon to the left of “other countries”

  5. Click “CONTINUE”

  6. Choose currency you desire.
    If you choose, Euro (€), you’ll get a pop up asking you; “Vous allez changer de pays” (do you want to change countries?)
    Click, “Confirmer” (confirm).

And... You’re all set!

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Thank you all. Priscilla, your instructions were spot on. It was not intuitive. Now I can read the app instead of looking at Rome2Rio for pre-pre-planning routes.