Hi, has anyone used the orangeways bus service from Prague to Budapest recently? The service looks great on the web but I have seen a couple of bad reviews posted on trip advisor(fairly dated though). Is the student agency service regarded as better/worse or just the same? Am also looking at taking the orangeways bus from Budapest to Krakow on the same trip, September this year- any hints or insight to this service would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou, Ian.

Posted by James
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I try real hard not to give second hand advise but you haven't gotten an answer and this at the least will bump you back to the top. I go to the region frequently but have never taken the Orangways Bus. I have a couple of rental apartments in Budapest so I do speak or communicate with tourists on a pretty regular basis and a few have used Orangeways from Budapest to Krakow and have had nothing bad to say about the company. I understand the busses are pretty comfortable. The Budapest to Krakow haul is sort of a long trip and you might consider breaking it up with an intermediate stop for a night and see something else along the way. We love Slovakia (which you have to cross) so see if Orangeways has a stop in one of the Banska towns, or Kosice that would be worth the effort. Actually if Orangeways has a Kosice to Krakow bus I would take the train out of Budapest to Kosice and spend a night in that beautiful town then move on. As for Prague to Budapest by Bus, that would be a long trip with out breaking it in Vienna. Since there is good train service on that particular route I would take the train; but I would spend at least a night in Vienna.