Open Jaw Flights to Ireland/Scotland

Need advice on the best way to book some flights this summer. Ideally, we want to leave Denver (DEN) on Monday, 30 July, fly to Shannon, Ireland, then fly from Derry Ireland (or Dublin if necessary) to Glasgow, Scotland on 8 August, then from Glasgow (or Edinburgh if necessary) back to Denver on Monday, 13 August. The Monday international flights are based on the assumption that it's cheaper to fly weekdays than weekends. I checked Sky Scanner and found that this isn't necessarily true, but it also doesn't seem to offer open jaw flights or multiple destinations, so it's not of much help in this.

Rick usually recommends using a Travel Agent to find flights. I've searched in my local area, but all I come up with are cruise companies. How do I find a good local agent who has the abilities and contacts I need?

Any suggestions or input appreciated.


Posted by Linda
Portland, OR, USA
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If you are traveling light at Rick suggests, I'd suggest flying Delta round trip to and from Shannon and use Ryan air ( They have tickets for 99p today that fly Glasgow to Shannon. That really means about $50, but it beats most open-jaw prices I've seen.