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one more question about flghts v trains in europe

I know it’s a lot to read but I am having a hard time deciding whether to fly or take trains in Europe. I’ve looked up online but I can’t seem to find the price for individual train rides in Switzerland, Paris and Rome.

I arrive in Zurich at the end of May and I depart from Zurich at the end of June.

My husband is in Switzerland for business until June 14th. On the 14th we plan to leave Lucerne and go to Paris/Rome and spend 7 nights in each city.

I’ve found tickets for both of us on for about 280 euros total. We would fly from Basel to Paris, Paris to Rome, and from Rome back to Basel on the 28th. Spend the night in Basel and take a train to Zurich where we will catch our flight back to the US.

Basically, I have two weeks to play and go around until my husband is done with his work stuff. I believe it’s easier to travel around by train.

In addition, I would already need to take a train from Zurich to whichever city I decide to go at the beginning of my trip. Assuming I leave Lucerne, I would have to either take a train back to Lucerne, or a train to Basel so my husband and I can take our flight to Paris. And when we get back to Basel after two weeks, we will need to catch another train to Zurich’s airport.

Would it be cheaper to buy the flights and pay for each individual train ride we may need? Or, should we get two rail passes? A 30 day pass for me and a 15 day pass for my husband? The rail passes would cost us about U$1200.

Sorry for all the blah, blah, blah but I really need some help here!! Thanks a lot!!

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The new high-speed TGV Lyria line from Switzerland to Paris starts service on June 10. As a result travel time via rail will be significantly faster:
Basel SBB–Paris-Est in just 3½ hours
Zurich HB-Paris-Est in just 4½ hours
They are also offering special discounted fares to celebrate the grand opening:
According to the Swiss Rail web site you can get seats for as low as $22 USD if purchased by April 30. Your husband will have to buy the tickets in Switzerland. For the other journeys, plan out the exact travel dates and have your husband go to the nearest train station and buy the train tickets you need. The earlier you secure them, the cheaper they will be.
For more info check out the swiss rail site at: