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Oct 22 BOE 14 days transportation

Recommendations on transportation from airport to hotel in Rome and from hotel to airport in Paris please? My first RS trip and very excited!

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Hi slwpoly; welcome to the forum!

Additional info might be helpful, such as if you're traveling as a single, couple, or more, and where in Rome your hotel is located. Hotel location is nice to know as my personal recommendations might be different if, say, it's close enough to Termini train station to easily walk between them. Budget comes into play as well; penny pinchers might make use of the inexpensive + comfortable shuttle buses, although that does involve a cab or one's own two feet from bus station to hotel (as we've done). Tickets can run as little as € 6,00 pp.

Taxis from the airport are on fixed fare of € 50,00 to hotels "within the walls", as I'm 99% sure yours will be. Others can give you some pointers there if interested in this option.

On-call taxi/car services are another option; this one has been many times on the forums:

There is also an express train from the airport to Termini: €14 pp.

So, you see, lots of options! How many of you are there, and where will you be staying?

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Prior to your trip, RS will send you information on how to get to and from your hotels.

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Hello, and welcome. I know you will love this tour!

I wanted to add that your tour guide will help arrange transport to the airport for you at the end of your tour. He/she will check with tour participants about flight times etc and set up sharing with other tour members if you desire. In Paris, a town car was ordered for myself and 3 other tour participants with flights near the same time. Quick, hassle free, and cost me around 13 euros.

You will receive information from the tour company with directions on how to get to your first hotel. On a personal note, I always try to find the middle ground on public transport/taxi when I know I may be arriving tired from an overseas flight. For Rome, I would be likely to take the train from the airport to the city and a taxi from the train station to the hotel. I write out the name and address of the hotel on an index card in advance and just hand it to the driver to aid in communication.

Happy travels!

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If you have the time and money, I'd try to arrive at least one day if not 2 days before your tour start in Rome and stay a few days after in Paris.

If you stay after, you can easily have your hotel arrange for a taxi to the airport for your departing flight. I usually ask at the reception desk the night before to book a cab for the AM. If your flight is direct from Paris to a US airport, I call the cab for 4 hours before my departure time - 1 hour ride to the airport (early AM or on weekends it's less than this) plus 3 hours at the airport.

This will be a wonderful introduction to European touring!