OBB Tickets Purchased via Phone Question

Hello all, Yeah it's me again. First off, thanks so much to everyone who's been so quick to reply to my questions. It's been such a great help. Now I have another question that has cropped up: I phoned OBB ticket line 43- (0)5 1717 (a tip for those trying this in the future: if dialing from the states, don't enter a "0" before the 5...took me forever to figure that one out) and purchased tickets for an overnight train from Salzburg to Venice. I received an email from OBB, but it just had my customer number and pickup code to use at any OBB station. But that was it...no itinerary info, date, or any details of what I have purchased. If anyone has done this in the past, do you receive another followup email from OBB with details, or just trust everything is good and print out ticket at the station? With a previous OBB website purchase, I received an email that had a link to a PDF which was the ticket. Just seems the order via phone has less info. Thanks again, Eric

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