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Number of Flights (European Airlines) Appears to be Significantly Down

Someone may find some use for this or maybe draw some conclusions that impact their planning.

Flights Operated 12 April through 18 April 2022 compared to the same period in 2019
SAS -28%
Air France -26%
British Air -25%
KLM -22%
Lufthansa -20%
Turkish Air -16%
EasyJet -15%
Vueling -1%
Ryanair +10%
Wizz Air +17%

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Precovid compared to still in Covid, business trips are still infrequent (thanks to Zoom), and regular travellers are still hesitant with the possibility of getting covid while abroad. So if they're only ~25% down or less at this point, they probably aren't that unhappy. Especially compared to the same week a year ago.

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I'm not sure what the point of this post is, but as mentioned there is still a pandemic going on.

And if you want to do a useful comparison you have to take easter into account.

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I also had an intra-European travel leg shifted from SAS to the SAS commuter-line partner. That would be a "No".

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I'm surprised they are so little affected TBH - and the fares are still crazy cheap for the routes I'm researching

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A few days ago had a story forecasting a mess this year with air transportation demand exceeding supply. A lot of it is due to staff shortages, both airlines and airports. Long lines, delays, missing luggage, missing connecting flights, even flight cancellations.

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The daily non stops on my regular US route - and my jumping off point for my Europe trips - had already been reduced this spring, cancelling my outbound flight, and was just further reduced into summer, cancelling my July return.

The early purchase fares on this route, which I've watched and flown for years, are the highest I've see in many years: 42% higher than what I would expect to pay and 70% higher than what I sometimes can get.

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Thanks for this information. Sad to see that Air France dropped by 26%, the second highest on the list, won't affect my decision if I go Paris in July.

Air France is still dep. from SFO to Paris CDG at its usual time, which has been my choice numerous times.

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Granted this post doesnt contain any information that will impact any travel decisions, but we are all sort of travel wonks so I thought some might be interested.

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I copied this from a Condé Nast Traveler article January 2022 - “In an effort to shrink the region’s carbon output, governments across the European Union are imposing bans on short-haul flights, with new legislation taking effect as early as this spring.”
One country leading such measures is France, which last spring became the world’s first major economy to enact a nationwide ban on short-haul domestic flights on routes where train journeys of two and a half hours or less exist as an alternative. When the law goes into effect in March, it will eliminate 12 percent of French domestic flights, according to The Guardian. Flights set to be eliminated include routes from Paris to popular tourist cities such as Bordeaux, Lyon, and Nantes.