Norwegian Fjords Driving Tour

My wife and I are picking up a new Volvo on the Overseas Delivery plan. With two weeks to see Scandinavia, and transportation costing us only gasoline, we would like to spend a few days exploring the fjords of Norway. Rick's Scandinavia book gives a suggested itinerary for a driving tour, which includes the fjords, but is there a particular route that flows best. Does anyone have suggestions about driving a tour similar to the Norway in a Nutshell? I see from Rick's book there are auto ferries that cross the fjords connecting places where the roads end on opposite sides of the fjord. Any suggestions of good circle routes? I hate back tracking at the end of the day, so I would like to make a loop.

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We were visiting relatives in Sweden so we a took a diving tour of of Norway etc. As you note roads that end at a fjord and have a corresponding road on the other side have car ferries. We found DK Eyewitness travel guide Noway a really good supplement to Rick's guide. You're traveling a couple notches above (well several) than a bare bones Nutshell trip. Plot out your itinerary and then go to the web for ferry times/cost. Buy a REALLY good road atlas on line if you can before you go (showing names etc. in the native language Swedish, Norwegian etc.) A good road atlas will give you reasonably accurate travel times etc. Make sure you have a pin number for your credit cards if you need to buy gas (we used Visa). Be advised Norway is TREMENDOUSLY expensive. 80to150% luxury tax on things like eating out ($15 plain hamburger no fries, no soda you get the drift). Buy your food/drink etc. in a regular grocery store where the prices are reasonable. I guess the citizens of Norway think if you can afford to eat out you should be taxed for it but if you eat your food at home it should be reasonably priced. For god's sake if you want a bottle of wine bring it with you. All that said Norway was FANTASTIC. Great scenery, wonderful people. Would love to go back again and again.