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Thanks for the update.

Jacob Schram, then new CEO at Norwegian Air, in February 2020, about 3-4 weeks before COVID-19 started impacting airlines:

I don't have the answer on what turns long haul profitable. I just see
what Norwegian has done is interesting. Trying to get low costs
succeeding on long haul, nobody [has] proven that business model yet,
but I see a lot of opportunities that we can do on short term, but
then we also need, of course, to think long term, what kind of
strategy will bring this to profitability.

I'm sure others will keep trying to prove that business model...

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If they couldn't pull it off under a great economy, it's a foregone conclusion they can't do it now. Long haul flights are pretty much dead right now.

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I got their e-mail message today. We didn’t get to use them on a planned trip this past summer, and we already booked flights on British Airways for this coming fall. At this point, it looks fortunate that we didn't count on flying Norwegian to Europe. Hopefully their plans get them through until long-haul flights can resume. All those 737’s parked for so long ...

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My best experiences in coach in my 20 years of transatlantic flights were all on Norwegian 787 Dreamliner. It was too good to be true. We always know when not to use a certain airline and have never really been unfortunate except on United

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Remember.......JetBlue still plans to start flying to from Boston and New York to London sometime this year. No official word yet as to when but I've heard it's probably after the summer. Also no word as to which London airport. They'll fly narrowbody Airbus A321's.

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Newburgh NY to Dublin, $300, RT was pretty great. For us to get any kind of good airfare we have to drive to a big city, either in Canada or NYC, about 3-5 hours. 4 hours of easy driving to Newburgh (old Air Force base), no traffic or tolls, cheap parking with no shuttle, and fly out of an airport that may have had 5 gates, and you could bring your $6 beer with you to wait at your gate.

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Sorry to see but not unexpected. Norwegian was a great option out of Austin. BA matched their AUS-LHR round trip fare of $450 which we could not pass up. I hope some other low cost carrier can fill this void and get the competition going again in the future.

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Bet the original shareholders wished they had accepted either the IAG or Lufthansa buyouts deals when they were offered a couple of years or so ago.

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no word as to which London airport

I thought I'd read this was going to be Stansted from Boston and Gatwick from JFK?

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Wonder how the refunds are coming for those who pounced on the recent trans-Atlantic fare sale ( the ones less than $200 each way)

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We have over 15,000 points from trio cancelled September 2020. Waiting on response on whether we will get a refund to our credit card since the points are basically useless to us. Read an article where the CEO said everyone will get a refund. Not holding our breath.

Anyone else in the same Norwegian boat?

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I hope some other low cost carrier can fill this void and get the
competition going again in the future.

The problem is that long haul flights are very different to short haul flights. WOW tried and failed, Norwegian tried and failed. Maybe someone will succeed in the future, but it is trickier.

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Simply amazed that $300 RT ticket prices were not sustainable. (Yes, Sarcasm) When you lose money on every ticket, there is no making it up in volume...unless you drive everyone else out of business then jack the prices.

However, not a concern for me, never flew them, in Iowa, not near one of the airports they used. We also refuse to drive to one of the major hubs to save a hundred Dollars or even more, time and driving (and hotels, and food, and parking) has a cost, and the last thing I want on return after a trip and a long flight, is to hop in a car and drive another 4-6 hours. I'll stick with Delta and fly out of my local airport.

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...and I stick with Delta out of my local airport, too.