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Norwegian Air Shuttle Update

Norwegian has cut 3,000 flights mid-March to mid-June (15% of flights) and is working with unions on a lay-off plan.

The following quote from CEO Jacob Schram doesn't make you feel good about the airlines future:

"We encourage the authorities to immediately implement measures to
imminently reduce the financial burden on the airlines in order to
protect crucial infrastructure and jobs."


Stock price dropped 15% today and is down over 70% over the last month. (Current Stock Price:

A flight crew was delayed in getting their rooms at an airport hotel near Gatwick because the hotel wanted up front payment. (

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With flight from non-UK Europe to the US banned for 30 days, that may might be the incremental straw to break the camels back

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I hate to see them get taken down by an infectious disease... I was very much intrigued to see if they could make the low-cost transatlantic model work.

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I just read an article in Business Insider that describes Norwegian Air as an airline on the brink of collapse mainly due to their fleet of Boeing planes and the current coronavirus outbreak. We are a group of 7 flying on NA from SFO to Barcelona on June 3rd with 5 of us flying back to SFO via CDG on June 27. I've only been flying to Europe since 2010 and have had no experience with any kind of flight cancellation or industry collapse. I feel silly asking because I think I know what the answer might be but if Norwegian Air does go out of business and cancels our flights, what would be the chance of a refund? And more urgently, when might they inform us so we can make other plans to secure other flights? Someone I know just had her British Air flight to CDG for April 30th canceled so that's about a six-week notification. Does that sound about right for the industry? I was lucky enough to have the necessary United air miles to cover flights from SFO to CDG on June 8th then CDG to EWR on June 24th (skipping Barcelona, the train ride to Avignon and the TGV to Paris) but my travel partners (4 adults, 3 teenagers) are in limbo about what to do. At this point whether we'll be able to even fly into Europe in June is iffy but if anyone has any experience with canceled flights, I'd appreciate your take on this situation. Thank you.

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Thank you again, Dave. I've sent the Reuters link to my traveling companions. Now with this latest travel ban who knows what will happen this summer. I appreciate all your help. Safe travels.