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Norwegian Air - refund time for refundable ticket

I cancelled online a FlexPlus roundtrip ticket on Norwegian Air (100% refundable) on June 10. I received an email confirmation the same day.

I’ve flown Norwegian many times in years past and always buy a refundable ticket. The couple times I’ve cancelled, I got my refund to the cc within a day or two. So for me, not seeing a refund from them after two weeks is unusual.

But with times being different now, about how long should I wait before contacting them again, either by phone or email?

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"Due to the high number of requests we are dealing with, unfortunately your claim will take longer than normal to process. We thank you for your patience."

They give themselves plenty of leeway, without any guidance.

Given the circumstances, I would think 3 weeks is a good time to start the follow process

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I had non-refundable tickets with NA for flights that were canceled.
After the initial confirmation of receipt of my refund request there were no more communications.
It took 8 and 9 weeks for the refunds to appear on my credit card statement.
I've flown them many times and their customer service was always lackluster to put it mildly. My guess is that they haven't hired any more agents to deal with the massive amount of work involved in refunding and so it is taking a very long time.
I'm sure that your refund will come through but I understand how hard it can be to wait.
Please let us know when you get it.

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I also had nonrefundable tickets on Norwegian for a flight in late July. I received notification from Norwegian via email on June 8, accepted the option for refund, received another email confirmation on June 9 and credit to my credit card on June 15. I was pleasantly surprised as to the efficiency of the refund process.

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Call now. It’s your money. When my United refund did not post in a few weeks I called and there was no record of my request. Second call did the trick. It’s a crazy time for these airlines and things do and will slip through the cracks. Don’t let your refund be one of them.

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Well I called Norwegian Air yesterday, waited about 40 mins on hold before speaking to an agent. I was assured that the refund was being processed but wasn’t given a timeline.

This morning, I checked my cc balance and it’s been credited. It’s 17 days since I made my refund request online. I suspect it was because, as was suggested, I called. So if you’re waiting for something from NA, call and give them a nudge.

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I received notice on 6/30 that our non-refundable Norwegian flight was cancelled. I submitted an online refund request later that morning, and the refund hit my cc on 7/4.