Norway travel question: Bergen to Balestrand

I'm trying to see if it's possible to get from Bergen to Balestrand in the same day, via the nutshell route, without taking a very early train. (my travel partner is a late riser). We would be coming from Bergen on the 10:30 train, then doing the nutshell thing in reverse... get off at Voss, bus to Gudvangen. Ferry to Flam but get off at Aurland in the hope we can catch the 15:30 ferry out of Flam going to Balestrand. I would miss it if I went all the way to Flam (Gudvangen ferry arrives 15:30) but I'm hoping that if I get off at Aurland, I can be there before the Flam-Balestrand express boat gets at Aurland. (will it stop for me in Aurland if I'm on the dock? Rick says it only stops in Aurland if someone on the boat wants to get off). Or is it possible to take a ferry from Gudvangen to the Mitfjord and transfer? I can't seem to see a schedule for that. Rick talks about it but only going the other way.

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