Norway rail. Soo expensive

Ok, looking at our route it is easily cheaper to get the country pass. Just for 2 adults 1 child to go Oslo/Bergen and back is worth it. However! We only get a discount for Flaam and Sognefjord? Is there no other!? That's about the extent of our travel plans.

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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If you think that is expensive, try ordering a beer in Norway!

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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"If you think that is expensive, try ordering a beer in Norway!" I hope that for the price, the quality of Norwegian rail is proportionally better than Norwegian beer. Not the worst European country for brewing (Lithuania!), but far from the best.

Posted by Marie
San Diego, CA, United States
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Norway is the most expensive place we've ever vacationed. 2 small burgers and 2 beers - $50. There is a huge luxury tax on eating out (among many other things) in Norway. After the sticker shock for that one lunch out we did picnics. Food purchased in the regular market was somewhat pricy compared to the rest of Europe but not bad. This said Norway is one of my all time favorites. We especially like driving there (but don't even smell a glass of wine at lunch if you plan on driving).

Posted by Sherrie
Penang, Pinang, Malaysia
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We don't drink so not worried about that. Just wondering if anyone has any tips on saving on the rail fares that I haven't found yet? I know about Mini Pris if you can get them but was hoping a country rail pass would cover more.
I know my son 11 saves but other than that it seems the country pass is the cheapest even though we have to pay for Flam.