Norway in a Nutshell

We will be in Norway in May of 2013, and wanted to do a self-guided Norway in a Nutshell tour. I've been reading the Rick Steve's 2012 Scandinavia book and it sounds like you can cut out the Bergen part of the tour and just go back to Oslo from Voss. Is that right? Also, was wondering about the fjord cruise part of the tour. It sounds like the boat stop at the town of Aurland if you ask them to. Is this a problem? If you get off there to spend the night can you just finish the cruise the next day for the original fee of 265K, or do you have to buy another ticket to get to Gundehaven? Thank You for your help.

Posted by Harold
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"Norway in a Nutshell" is merely a series of separate trains, boats and buses that take you through a scenic part of the country. The times are coordinated, making it easy to connect from one means of transit to another, but the tickets are separate, so you can break the journey at any time. So, yes, you can go from Voss back to Oslo if you don't want to go to Bergen. If you want to break your boat journey in Aurland, I believe (but don't know for sure) that you would have to buy two separate tickets, one from Flam to Aurland and one from Aurland to Gundehaven. It may not even be more expensive to buy the separate tickets - check.

Posted by Nicholas
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If you can make time for Bergen, it is well worth the visit.

Posted by Georgina
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Good comments both. Have either of you ever done this tour? I was wondering about cost. If I go by the RS Scandinavia book it can cost as little as $450 - 500 a person self guided,(that's not including Bergen), on the other hand we had one tour company bid $1500 a person. Whew! big difference. Would like to do the Bergen part, but are only in Norway four days and wanted to see Oslo also.

Posted by Galen
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A few years ago we started in Oslo, took the boat to Balestrand (to see more fjord), stayed two nights and did a day-trip to Vik (wanted to see a stave church), returned via boat to Gudvangen, a bus to Voss, and the train back to Oslo. So yes, you can cut out Bergen. Also, you can pretty much design the trip yourself, but I don't know the specific answer to your other question. In addition to the RS guidebook, just google "Norway in a Nutshell" and you'll get an "official site" plus a bunch of others that should help in your planning. Have a great trip!