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Norse Atlantic Airlines

Has anyone flown Norse Atlantic? They have some great prices from JFK to London Gatwick but I'm wondering what it's really like on their flights. Appreciate any experiences you can share with me. Thanks!

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From reading that article Norse Atlantic was born after Norwegian Air stopped flying transatlantic during the pandemic. Many here on the forum enjoyed flying Norwegian Air
The aircraft they operate the Dreamliner are the most spacious in all classes.

Basically the prices are low until you start adding a seat, baggage, and meal service.

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The Norse-Atlantic website states they plan to begin westcoast service from LAX to London/Gatwick, Oslo and Berlin starting in autumn 2023.

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Norse Atlantic is indeed run by the guy who moved Norwegian Air Shuttle into the discount transatlantic flight business. The product is similar to what Norwegian offered on transatlantic flights, and I think most people were satisfied to very satisfied with the value for the price paid. Likewise, the reviews I have read of people flying Norse Atlantic have reflected a positive view of the value for price paid.

Challenges related to flying Norse Atlantic:

  • JFK to London Gatwick is once daily. So, if your flight gets canceled, it might take a day or two to get on another flight.
  • Financial viability. Norse Atlantic is kind of like Norwegian minus the profitable intra-Europe arm that (barely) kept Norwegian afloat during Norwegian's transatlantic flight days. For Norse Atlantic, load factors (percent of seats filled) have recently been pretty awful -- 69 percent in August (when other carriers' planes were jammed full), 58 percent in September and 60 percent in October. The company has slashed routes this fall to try to help the bottom line.