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Hello, As mentioned in my previous post, we are planning a trip to Italy this May and would like to gather pretty much what we can of dos and donts in Italy. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions for my previous post again ! Now, we have heard of a lot of unfortunate incidents (through the internet articles) with tourists, from fraud to thefts (esp in the nights) and thus wanting to ask a few concerns before we land there. Definitely 'better safe than sorry':) Firstly, we are there 2-3 nights each in Venice, Florence and Rome and would like to know whats the best way of transportation inside the towns and to and fro to nearby sight seeing spots (both day and night). Incidentally my husband's birthday is in the middle of our trip,mostly we would be in Firenze, and therefore I was planning a surprise dinner in the town. So, what is the safest way to reach my apartment from the hotel after the dinner n cake (may be around 1am). And what charges can I expect? Finally, as we are travelling from London, carrying our mobiles on a roaming would cost us a fortune ! So, is there a better opton to be connected in Italy. If yes, please suggest a few networks that give good calls and data for may be a week or 10 days time. Thank you all , in anticipation, on your suggestion. Looking forward for your responses. Cheers !

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Re: Florence How far is your apartment from the restaurant? If both are within the historical centre you can safely walk together at 1 am. I have walked alone in Florence at that time of night. There will be people out at that time. Stick to the main streets. If you feel you need to take a taxi be aware that you either have to call one (which the restaurant will do for you) or get one from a taxi stand. You can't hail them on the street. The meter will start at about 6 euro at that time of night plus the meter charges for distance. And, it may be a long ride as they are a lot of one way streets. I recommend walking to see the sights within the city of Florence. Almost everthing is within walking distance. I've used both WIND and TIM in Italy. I bought a sim card in Italy on a pay as you go plan.
I suggest using a moneybelt to secure your passports and cash etc.

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Hi Shirley, Thanks very much for the info ! Our Hotel is in Via G Matteoti and I was thinking of Four seasons for the dinner. As on the maps it suggests a fairly near distance, but I was just not sure how safe it was to walk down at that hour. And is there a document to be submitted at the purchase of the SIM? How long will the activation take, coz I have no clue of the local language, so a bit curious about calling the concerned call center for activation. Thanks a million for the answers, again :) Cheers !