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Night Trains: Combining Selectpass and Eastern Europe Pass

Since I'm a cheapskate, I've been looking into combining (now, $365 each) a 3-country, 5-day Selectpass Saver (Germany, France, Benelux) with a 5-day Eastern Europe Saver ($191 each). This might seem foolish, considering a Eurail Global Saverpass for the time I need is $571, but you get the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well. My concern: I've seen vague references to operators like CityNightLine only allowing travel on one of its trains if you have a railpass that covers the entire journey. If one had, say, two railpasses that covered segments of such a journey (say Munich to Austrian border and border to Budapest via Vienna), would they still object? (Or, another example, Vienna to Czech border and Czech border to Berlin.)

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