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Night Train Question

How long in advance should I purchase my night train tickets. We would like the privat sleeper cabin for 2, and our route is Prague-Krakow, and Krakow-Budapest. Also, what is the best/cheapest way to purchase in advance?

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You could book these tickets at, but it probably would be cheaper to use the German Rail call centre. Dial 011 (US international access code) + 49 (country code for Germany) + 1805 996633.

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You could also book the reservations through Euraide for a flat fee. If you have other reservations to make use Euraide, I think the flat fee is $50. Raileurope is too expensive.

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I agree with the post about Euraide. We used them last year for travel between Italy and France and saved us a ton of money - even with their service fee. They are also very nice to deal with.

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Regarding how far in advance to book, I would recommend you do it as soon as you have a firm idea of when you wish to travel. I just tried to get a private sleeper cabin on the night train from Paris to Venice with a travel date of May 23. Nothing available unless I wished to sleep in a 6-person couchette or take another train with a late-night transfer and an additional cost of 300 bucks!

(I used Rail Europe to try and book this.)

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The German Rail call center is quite good. Have had nothing but friendly and helpful service from them. For the private sleeper, I think I would look to book as soon as you knew when I wanted to travel.