Night train from Munich to Venice

I am keeping my eye on the night train from Munich to Venice leaving Sunday May, 12 since I can book it Feb. 10th. I went just to look at the prices again just now, though, and I don't see any savings fares for that trip for the tickets that can be purchased now (for earlier in the month). I am pretty positive I have seen savings fares for this trip in the past because I have a pretty specific number written down as the expected cost for that trip, and it's a lot lower than what they're showing now. Has anyone else encountered this? Do savings fares not show up within the first week of availability for the a night train? Is something weird going on that I should be aware of? Thanks to all for any light you can shed here.

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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Not sure what is going on. When you expand the connection (Red '>') for any date up through May 2, and then click on the train number, CNL 40463, you get the route information, and at the bottom is a note, "M√ľnchen Hbf - Venezia Santa Lucia: Information. Train is not bookable until further notice." Maybe they are considering discontinuing that route. However, when I try to book a full fare ticket, it seems to be allowing me to do it. That train is somewhat unusual. The CNL train from Munich to Italy used to go through Innsbruck and, over Brenner Pass, and down through the Alto Adige to Verona, where is split with some cars going to Venice. Now it goes to Salzburg where it combines with a EuroNight (EN) train from Vienna and goes through Austria (Udine) to Venice. There is also a CNL train from Munich through Innsbruck to Verona and on to Rome. You could take it as far as Verona and a regular Italian train from Verona to Venice, but you would have to change trains with a long stopover at about 2:30 AM in Verona (not a very good night's sleep).

Posted by JR
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We took this very train in late December, and had trouble booking until last minute because the DBahn was working out issues with Italian rail and usage of tracks, etc. Seems it is that issue again. The train did indeed go to from Munich to Salzburg, then down to Venice. Just keep checking. There is a customer service email address on the CNL site. Email them and ask the status of everything. That is what we did. While there is a night train that goes through Verona, we looked at that, but arriving at 2:30 in the morning is not feasible unless you get a room in Verona which then, what would be the point.

Posted by Rachel
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In case anyone else is looking into this or something similar, I found out what was going on by digging further through their website. DB is negotiating rates for this train with trenitalia, so they only have sure fares through Feb. 28th and they will update later fares as soon as they know. So...just waiting now.