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Night train etiquette

I was in Europe in 2002, and this question has haunted me ever since. :-)

I made a last-minute booking of a train from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, by way of Maastricht, Liege-Guillemins, and Hamburg. (Crummy route, but that's the best I could get.)

The leg from Liege-Guillemins to Hamburg lasted from 00:52 until 06:52. I had a 2nd-class ticket, and there were no sleepers or couchettes available for rental. When I got on the train, I found that the 2nd class cars consisted of 4 or so compartments per car (each compartment had a non-locking door and a pair of benches that faced each other, so each compartment could fit 6 passengers).

To my dismay, most of these compartments were rather full of sleeping travelers. Some sleeping 'vertically', some lying across more than one seat. Here's my etiquette question: Is it polite/Is it expected that I would 'barge in' on a compartment like this, at 01:00? Is it polite/Is it expected that I would wake up a sleeping person and ask them to sit up so that I could have the seat next to them?

(I lucked out and found a compartment with only two people in it, including a friendly Canadian who waved me in, but I don't know what I would have done had I not!)

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I think that had the Canadian not waved you in - and if you couldn't find any other seat, it would have been very appropriate to gently wake a sleeping person so that you could have a seat.

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Why not just tell the conductor your situation and that some people are taking two seats...let the conductor be the bad guy.

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Thanks for the feedback!
I agree that finding a conductor would have been helpful -- but I searched in vain for one, and none could be found.

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Be an adult and have the person who's paid to do these things, do these things.

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I agree with Tim..let the conductor find you a seat.