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Hello, does anyone know how long transport(bus, train,etc)runs in barcelona, as we are travelling to salou tarragona. Able to purchase airline ticket (Vueling) for 1st Dec departing nice at 11.15pm and arriving Barcelona 12.30a.m.


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Do you mean how late does it run? And you're arriving in Barcelona at 12:30am?

It looks like the last train from the airport to Barcelona leaves at 22:29. The first train in the morning is at 6:00.

Here's the link to the TMB schedule page. The airport is C10 (a commuter line operated by Renfe, but if I remember correctly they accept Metro tickets). The link to the schedule is on the very bottom right of the page - choose 10 in the dropown box and select the type of day you want a schedule for (horarios).

The categories are a little weird. They are:
Monday and the day after a holiday

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You'll probably have to spend the night in Barcelona. Trains to Tarragona are finished by the time you arrive. The "Aerobus" last run leaves at 1 am, so if you don't have to wait for luggage, you should be able to catch it. That should put you downtown at Placa Catalunya at around 1:30 am. The last train to leave for Sants stations departs at 12:44 am, so you'll probably miss it, especially since it's a couple of minutes' hike over the pedestrian bridge to the station. But make a try for it, and the bus can be your backup.

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I'm still not convinced this is the way to go. If we depart nice 29th nov by train, we could break the trip halfway. My next booked accommodation is not till the 1st of dec.

Any suggestions about driving please?