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New DOT rules

The U.S. Department of Transportation have made some changes to rules pertaining to air passenger travel. Amont these changes:

1) A passengers who has had their boarding card scanned and has boarded the aircraft may not be removed for bumping purposes.

2) Compensation for bumping has increased from $675 to $775 for flights between 1 and 2 hours, and from $1350-$1550 for flights over 2 hours.

3) Mishandled baggage amounts are raised from $3500 to $3800.

These rules pertain mostly to domestic flights and include non-U.S. airlines operating within the U.S. The changes will take place in April

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Thanks for posting this, Frank. Planning some flights after we get our vaccinations!

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I wonder how much passenger bumping occurred throughout 2020? People determined to be on a plane right now might not be interested in a few hundred dollars to wait for the next flight, and to have to hang around inside an airport terminal. It help that, once onboard, someone can stay on for the flight!