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nervous flier

we're off on a family vacation to celebrate my daughter's graduation. any suggestions on how to deal with flying nerves -- mine -- are welcome. thanx

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Susan - Assuming you are talking about a true fear of flying - the irrational kind where you are nervous thinking about the upcoming flight, almost sick the night before, white knuckled and straining to hear each sound of the engine during the flight - if we're talking about this then my solution is: Xanax.

I developed my phobia quite suddenly, after taking and enjoying many trips. I dealt with it by quietly suffering, tried hypnosis, glass of wine, etc. Finally asked my doctor and I can tell you it has made a world of difference to me for the past 10 years. My friends are surprised to hear me say I have a fear of flying as they consider me a pretty active travler, lots of flying - including one trip to Europe each year. Xanax allows me to feel like normal people do on planes - not over sensitive to every bump. It is not a sleeping pill but allows me to sleep because I am relaxed. After so many enjoyable flights I have even tried 2 flights w no drugs and was fine - I may be cured!

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thanks for the response -- that's one i hadn't thought of. it's a relatively short flight -- less than 4 hours. my daughter last summer flew from orlando to calcutta, india -- so you can imagine i feel like a real weenie!! she loves traveling and i don't ever want to discourage her.

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Hi Susan, I to am a nervous flier, so nervous that I
have not flown in over 12 years. I am going to Paris
in the fall and have spoken with 2 different doctors--
their solution Xanax--

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Flight Attendants encounter "Nervous Fliers" every flight. You are not alone by any stretch of the imagination! Think now about what exactly you are fearful of. Only you would know this. Are your fears reality based? If you have concerns regarding Flight Safety pay special attention to the safety Demonstrations directed by the Flight Crew. The safety demo truly delivers life saving information. Flight Attendants are highly trained/Government regulated Safety Professionals tested annually. They must achieve a minimum 90% on all safety oriented exams to maintain their license, if you will. Although serving is perhaps the F/A's most visable duty it is actually less than 5% of their overall responsibility.

You can pre-arrange special boarding/briefings if that would help. Talk to the Flight Attendants. Ask to be seated near one. Let them know you are nervous and more often than not they will help you out. Conversation is often the best distraction. Stay sober, stay safe.

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Ask yourself this question: Do you ever worry about a friend or loved-one who is flying? You probably don't even give a thought to whether or not the plan will arrive safely. The reason - it is very safe.