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Need Help with time needed to make a flight within Europe!

Ill be spending my last days in Europe in Chamonix, France.

I will be flying out of Geneva, on a Sunday morning ( June 5th) at 7am to Istanbul, then to the United States.
Now, should I get transportation from Chamonix very early that Sunday morning straight to the airport..... or should I leave a day early and stay in Geneva that Saturday night and go to the airport early Sunday morning?

Thank you in advance!!!

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Chances are it will be a lot cheaper to stay in Geneva the night before. Plus you'll have the chance to get a little extra sleep before your long day of travel home.

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Whenever I have a very early flight out of any airport, I like to stay at a hotel in or near the airport on that last night. It gives me piece of mind and a bit of extra sleep.

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A "rule" I have for myself (which I learned the hard way): The night before you leave, never sleep more than a convenient cab ride away from the airport.

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I , also , never make a trip to the airport on the day of a flight , staying at a hotel at , or, at least , very near to the airport the night before , is the only way as far as I'm concerned . You have an additional , intractable issue - for an international flight you are generally advised to be at the airport three hours before departure . That means 4 AM for you . Chamonix is a quiet , sleepy place , and there is no rail service out at that early hour , a navette shuttle would be your only option , leaving Chamonix no later than 3 AM . I think it unlikely that one would be available at that hour , and even if it is , do you want to risk its reliability , or lack thereof ? Go to Geneva the night before , and stay at an airport hotel . You will still need to be up at an ungodly hour to make that flight .

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Given the very early hour of your flight, I'd suggest staying in Geneva the night prior to your flight. As someone else suggested, an early Shuttle trip could be very expensive especially at that time of the morning, as you'd have to leave Chamonix about 04:00 to reach the airport two hours prior to flight time. Also, if there are any unexpected delays you could miss your flight.

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Thank you so much.... Ill leave Chamonix on Saturday.... and hopefully get the opportunity to sightsee in Geneva.