Naples to hotel near airport in Rome

Hi, For our last day in Italy, we are travelling from Sorrento to visit Pompeii for half a day and then need to travel back up to hotel near Rome airport. I had planned to take the train from Naples to the airport but see that all trains connect in Roma Termini, then out to Fiumicino Aeroporto, then I'd have to get an airport shuttle to the hotel. All that isn't cheap and isn't very fast. Is there a better way to get from Naples to a hotel near the airport in Rome? My group is 6 people.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Rob, Two options you could consider.... 1.) Travel via Circumvesuviana from Pompeii to Naples and then Freccia to Roma Termini or Italo to Roma Tiburtina. From there use a Shuttle to the airport. A Taxi might not be the best option for six people with luggage. Which hotel are you planning to stay in? 2.) Travel via Circumvesuviana from Pompeii to Naples and then Freccia to Roma Termini. When you arrive at Termini, take the Leonardo Express to FCO (€14 PP, travel time 35M). You might find it helpful to check the excellent website as I'm sure there will be some relevant information there. Cheers!

Posted by Roberto
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Not sure why you'd want to stay near the airport on your last night. When you are done with Pompeii, take the Circumvesuviana train to Naples Centrale station. From there take a fast train to Rome. Once in Rome go to a hotel anywhere in the city center. The airport is only 30 minutes' drive from anywhere in the city center. I wouldn't bother staying in the outskirts of Rome, stuck at an airport hotel on my last night in Italy. The next morning to go to the airport take a taxi (or maybe two, since it's 6 of you) from the hotel in the city center to the airport. Or ask the hotel to arrange a taxi for you the next morning. The taxi ride from downtown to the airport is ~50 euro. If your flight out of Rome is for the US, you should be there at the airport 2 hours prior to departure. The check in closes 1 hr prior to departure. If your flight is operated by a US based airline you will be checking in at Terminal 5 (it's important to find that out, because T-5 is farther from the main terminals and you should ask the taxi to take you there). If your flight is operated by a non-US airline, your departure terminal is Terminal 3. If your flight is a EU flight that will stop somewhere else in Europe first, then you don't need to be at the airport that early. It is sufficient to be at the airport 75 minutes prior to departure. For EU flights the check in closes 45 min prior to departure.

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thanks everyone ... some great information. My plan was to stay at an airport hotel for 2 reasons: 1. two of my party have a 9AM flight out the next morning, we didn't want to have to worry about getting up so early, getting to the airport on time, etc. 2. it's our last night after covering way more ground than is recommended for 12 days, we thought we'd be exhausted. One good thing came of this though - I changed hotels to a much higher rated, cheaper and free shuttle. And we can have dinner at a nice restaurant on the coast.