Napels Air Port ground transportion & time

Our Hotel will be near the Royal Palace of Naples. For a 7am flight on an October Saturday:
1. What do you suggest for transportation to the air port for that time of day. 2. How much time to allow for transportation and check in procedure? Thank you.

Posted by Arnold
Denver, CO, USA
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Not sure where your hotel is but we were close to the waterfront and had the same situation. Unfortunately, leaving early in the morning meant there weren't too many public transport options (this is from 6 years ago so things may have changed). The taxi drivers were not willing to negotiate since they knew we didn't have other options. We ended up paying about 30 euros - ride was 25 to 30 mins to the airport, though my memory may be faulty. Check in and security were easy <15 mins that early. It is a very small airport so I wouldn't get there too early - I would think an hour to 1:15 prior to departure should suffice.

Posted by Andy
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Thank you. We've been watching the help line looking for this info. Rick's Italy says the air port bus begins its day at 6:30. Sharing your experience is helpful for anticipating our time and travel. The map shows our hotel to also be near the water front.

Posted by gerri
lexington, il
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The bus is the Alibus. Starts its' run at Piazzo Municipio at 6am takes 20-30 min. depending on traffic. This is 3-4 city blocks from your hotel area around Palazzo Realee. Cost is 3E I don't know if this gives you enough time ...45min gate requirement at Capo Airport. Not there, no go.
Try checking with your hotel about transfer services