Munich airport meetup

My daughter and I are flying separately into Munich on different airlines landing within 30 mins of each other. What/where is best place to meet at the airport before heading to hotel? This is our first trip to Europe

Posted by Rob D
Bad Tölz, Bayern
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Hi Sharon, OK, Munich airport's got Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Connecting them is the Munich Airport Center (MAC), where there are shops, an Edeka grocery (actually there are two, I think, one full size and one more like a convenience store), restaurants, bakeries, rental car stands, etc. in short, plenty of places that can serve as a meeting point. The covered outdoor area of the MAC is pretty impressive. Depending on what you think you'll most need after a flight, you could choose to meet at StarbucksMcDonald's :)the Airbräu restaurant (good, reasonably priced beer)the Müller drugstore (travel sized toiletries)
or have a look at this link to see the A-Z list of places there. If you choose a meet-up spot in the MAC, it'll be central to both terminals; shops in Terminal 1 or 2 Arrival are not behind security checkpoints, but those in Terminal 1 or 2 Departure are. A sign / symbol that has four arrows pointing to a central dot is the symbol for Treffpunkt / meeting point... you could try that, too. This is my all-time favorite airport, by the way. Have fun ~

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Sharon, One other possibility might be to meet at the entrance to the airport rail station, since you'll both likely end up there anyway. I'm assuming you're planning to use the S1 / S8 for the trip from the airport to Munich Hbf? When is this trip taking place? Given your location, if you're able to attend the next meeting of the Denver RS group (possibly April 20?), I'm sure Lee or one of the others could provide very precise information on the best place for a meet-up location. Which hotel will you be staying at? Happy travels!

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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Between Terminals 1 & 2 is the MAC, Munich Airport Center. On the end nearest Terminal 1 there is a designated meeting point, shown on this map as four arrows pointing to a dot.

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Definitely the AirBräu restaurant and micro brewery. It's just next to the escalator down to the S-Bahn no matter which terminal you're coming from...