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Much improved rail services from French Alps to Geneva

Since there are occasional questions on the subject, an announcement to make sure everyone's up-to-date - the years-long construction of a rail tunnel through Geneva linking the French and Swiss railway systems has finally been completed, leading to significantly improved public transport connections between Geneva and the Annecy/Chamonix region. Details

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I was keeping an eye on this ( CEVA ), a few years ago . There was massive reconstruction at the stations in Eaux - Vives and Annemasse , and real estate development in Geneva between Cornavin and Annemasse . Thanks for this update and the service maps . Another great rail project , unlike the paltry service we have in the States .

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The new services officially started with the timetable change on 15th December. Unfortunately due to the SNCF strike most trains currently terminate at the border. As a result, the opening ceremony was a bit of a damp squib.
This what it says at the top of your post:

En raison d’une grève interprofessionnelle nationale en France, la circulation ferro-viaire est très fortement perturbée sur le territoire français du Léman Express.

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I just returned from Geneva yesterday and I travelled on the new LEMAN line to Annemasse Fr several times. The route takes 22 minutes from Geneva main train station. Very efficient and on time. Although there were no train schedules at the stations, the time tables are available on line. This service is free if you have swiss travel pass.

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Once the strike is over, this will make travel between Geneva, Annecy and Chamonix much easier. The usual advice to take the bus (Transalis) to Annecy and buses or shuttles to Chamonix won't be valid anymore - buses are still a bit faster (esp for Chamonix), but they're prone to delays and less easy to navigate.
It's certainly a VERY positive impact for anyone planning a car-free tour of the Western Alps.