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Most unique airport transfer?

If anyone is flying to the newly opened Scandinavian Mountain Airport in Sälen (Sweden) this year, you have the opportunity to book a very special airport transfer. It's a bit slow though and not very cheap…

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Heh, I thought walking from a hostel in Toronto to Billy Bishop Airport and taking what I believe is the world's shortest regularly scheduled ferry was different.

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Not cheap, indeed!
4995 Skr = $530/£407/€480

Well, at least you can get 4 on a sled at that price. Not as heart stopping bad, but still 'not cheap'

Suspect most folk will opt for a more traditional method of transport at 90% less.

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Not a much difference in price for a water taxi in Venice. Part is the experience. I would consider it.

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If you haven't experienced a ride on a dog sled I would highly recommend it. My husband's hobby was dog sled racing for 20 years in the PNW. There is nothing better than sitting in the basket and enjoying the gorgeous scenery along the way.

** BTW RIck Steves sister Jan Steves is an accomplished Musher who has participated in the Thousand-mile race from Anchorage to Nome. What a huge endeavor! See Rick's blog Feb. 27, 2012. "The Idiarod: My Sister, Jan Steves, Mushes with the Best Dog Racers in the World."

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I did a little dog mushing when I lived in Fairbanks, helping out a neighbor with exercising his team. I never rode in the basket, though, and I can’t imagine sitting there with 4. They must sit togoggan-style?

Maybe you have heard the saying, “ Unless you are the lead dog, the view never changes.”

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We would consider it. My daughter and her husband went dog sledding in Alaska and it was alot more expensive.

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If I ever fly to Sweden I will definitely opt for this adventure. Just think, you get off the plane and the fun starts right away as opposed to waiting for a ride to somewhere in what is usually a long line before the fun begins.