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Mosel/Rhine Biking and Boating

My husband and I are visiting the Mosel/Rhine area in a few weeks. We are in our early 60's and would like to combine biking and boating. We would like to bike one direction on the rivers and then take a boat back. Do the boats allow you do load your bike onto them for the return trip? We will spend two days in the Rhine area and three in the Mosel Valley. We will have a car but would prefer to keep it parked so we can really enjoy the scenery up close.

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Lauren, my husband and I are thinking about doing this very same trip but haven't started the planning yet. I would love to hear your specifics and trip report. So would you please post when you get back? Thanks

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I took my bike the boats, but that was a looooong time ago.

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My husband and I stayed in Cochem for two days "pre tour". We biked from Cochem to Ediger-Eller along the Mosel. There are several boat companies operating that make a morning trip one way and and afternoon trip returning back up the same route. It's important to check the times that they dock at each location. We had planned to bike and then return by boat, but unfortunately our timing was a bit off, and if we'd waited for the boat, we'd have been there for 3 hours. Next time I will plan better by knowing exactly when and where the boats dock. That being said, we just biked back to Cochem on the OTHER side of the river. It was a breathtaking ride, with the river on one side and vineyards on the other. We recommend biking on the SAME side both ways. The Belstein side of the bike bath is more scenic. The other side of the river is too much by the road. There IS a bike path, but it's just not as scenic.