Month or so exploring via train

I'm seeking the best itinerary for going from London to visit Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Berlin & any other suggested places you may think of that might interest a lady who loves to explore the world. I'm not interested in fast but quality time in each destination. My thought was to take a train from London to access each destination. I am open to all ideas & suggestions.

Posted by Monte
Genesee, ID
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Stephanie, I suggest the first thing you do is buy a latest edition of Rail Map Europe by Thomas Cook (Co.). You can get it from Amazon. It is a great big map that will let you see the places you want to go in relationship to each other. It also has train travel times between cities. You might also consider starting from Amsterdam.

Posted by Frank
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With the map try to get a straight line or nearly so. And then plan an open jaw ticket, Maybe into London or Amsterdam and home from Rome or something like that so that you don't waste time and money back tracking to your starting point.

Posted by Fred
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Hi, Which of the above cities do you want see first (or last) after London? How much time do you have if you don't want to fly to any of them from London or to set up an open jaw flight? If you're not interested in the discount flying option, I would do the trip this way from London: Take the EuroStar to Paris. Stay in Paris for a day or more. If you're interested in stay Paris, then stash the luggage at Gare de l'Est at the left luggage located on the lower floor. Later that night take the CNL night train to Berlin. From Berlin you can reach Prague in 4 plus hrs. Now, if you want to stay in Paris, then I suggest taking the early train from Est to Frankfurt Hbf, that arrives ca 11am. That gives you lunch time at the station. Then take the ICE train to Vienna, arriving there by 1900 or so. From Vienna you can to Budapest or Prague, after that to Berlin. Keep in mind that Budapest to Berlin is 12 hrs. If you want to break up these long rides, I suggest staying in Frankfurt and Munich. You can tailor your own routes. For the return : Doing the discount flying option say from Berlin or Vienna to London may be better than taking the train. I've done the train route from Vienna to Paris via Frankfurt, then to London by EuroStar. I don't really recommend it unless you're definitely not pressed for time.