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MOM Air - Performance art as airline

Kind of an entertaining read about an artist who put quite a bit of effort into inventing a fake airline as a joke. A bit of a thought experiment on discount airlines as well as commentary on the power of marketing. Some of the fun ideas:

  • Ticket prices subsidized by hotels
  • Some free tickets on every flight
  • Uber for airlines - same day booking

Some of the silly ideas:

  • Covid flights - flights where sick people fly around with recovered crew and passengers
  • Charging for life vests for "psychological comfort" ... ("In modern aviation history, a life vest has not saved a single life. So, we aim to sell our own life vest that will be reusable, You will be able to use them on your vacation, you can take them to the pool or the beach, you take them on a boat trip, and you can take them on the plane")

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