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Mobile passport/Atlanta airport

I just found out that Atlanta no longer participates in mobile passport, which really stinks! Has anyone been through customs recently on a Saturday? How long did it take? My last two international trips, June 2018 and April this year we used it and thought it was great! I don’t understand why at the worlds busiest airport they would take it away. We last went through the regular lines April 2018 and it took over two hours to get through it, they only had 2 lines open. I’m hoping that won’t happen especially since it’s tomorrow.

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When did that happen? We went through this September and it made it somewhat easier. There was a separate line for those of us with Mobile Passport then.

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I just returned from Paris this past Monday evening and got through passport control in 5 minutes. And, had my bags about 15 minutes later. Super easy.

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I arrived in Atlanta the Thursday before Thanksgiving and noticed that mobile Passport no longer had ATL on the list.

However with the kiosks they had, my experience was like Judy’s — super fast. I think I waited behind one person. It just wasn’t an issue that they didn’t have Mobile Passport.