Milano Porta Garibaldi deposito bagagli

I plan to use Italo train from Milano Porta Garibaldi to Firenze. Can anyone tell me if there is deposito bagagli there AND where it is. I have looked on the Internet and get conflicting info. Also, if anyone has used it, I would like to know if there are only a few-risk of none available- and any other helpful details such as cost/hour. We are just breezing through Milan and the last thing I want to do is waste time finding a place to store luggage. Thanks for the info!

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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There is a luggage deposit there. It is close to the main ticket office. Not sure about prices.

Posted by Angela
Imatra, Finland
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Thought I would report back on what I found out about the deposito bagagli at Milano Porta Garibaldi. On the metro level of the station, we looked and looked for it and finally asked at the ticket window. We were informed that it was near the WC near the newsstand. That is exactly where it was. In the bathroom! There was a handwritten sign in Italian, and a man (spoke no English) tending the bags and the toilets. I can't tell you exactly how much it is, but I can tell you how much we paid as we negotiated a lower rate. He wanted to charge us 35e for one large duffle and 3 average backpacks for 3 hours. We negotiated 21e and pre-paid. Our bags and all contents (including a laptop)were returned to us without incident. I realize there may very well be luggage lockers or a more official luggage storage system on the main floor. I looked briefly, but I did not see a sign.