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Milan to Vernazza

I will be arriving in Milan early in the morning (night train from Paris) and I'm trying to decide the cheapest and quickest way to Vernazza.

When I am in Milan should I buy a ticket directly to Vernazza or should get a ticket to Genoa and then to Vernazza?

I'm wondering if anyone has done this before and could tell what they did. Thanks!

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When you arrive at Milano Centrale, go downstair two levels on the "moving sidewalks" to the ticket office to buy your ticket to Vernazza. If there's a queue, use the ticket Kiosks next to the office. I found they would accept either credit cards or Euro cash (the Kiosks on the main level would only accept credit cards).

You'll access Vernazza usually via Genova or perhaps La Spezia (depending on which train you choose). Check the website mentioned in the previous post to get some idea on which trains will be running at the time you arrive in Milan.

There appears to be one direct train, which departs Milano Centrale at 07:25. The others have at least one or two changes, usually in Genoa.

That's a very easy trip, and the travel time will be about 3.5 hours (again, depending on which train you choose).

Happy travels!

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The Trenitalia website show the trip from Milan to Vernazza as Milan to Genoa to Sestri Levante via ICs and Sestri Levante to Vernazza by regional train. It no longer includes the fare from Sestri to Vernazza so it only gives the fare from Milan to Sestri.

A ticket from Milan to Sestri Levante, as one connection, costs €19,50. It also shows the ticket from Milan to Genoa costs €16,50 and the ticket from Genoa to Sestri costs €7,00. So if you bought a ticket in Milan to Genoa and then bought another ticket in Genoa to Sestri it would cost €23,50 total, €4 more than one ticket. I would assume the same difference would hold for Milan to Genoa and Genoa to Vernazza vs one ticket Milan to Vernazza.

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Thank you much! I have been looking at trenitalia, I just wasn't sure I was checking all the options..