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Metro Pass solution

If you come to Budapest you need to get a metro pass for the duratiion of your stay.

Cheap and convenient.

Budapest now has a digital metro pass which I started using earlier this year.

TexasTravelMom was good to point out that you have to take your phone, go to the app, scan the VR code prior to boarding.

I sort of missed this but never got caught. Some cities require you to scan something to get through the turnstiles and some even require you to scan when you leave. Budapest on the other hand has no turnstiles and enforces by random checks. I get checked maybe 1 in 50 rides.

Given that, I quit the electronic version and bought a paper card. I don't have to scan anything, just produce it if asked. To be sure I have it I put it in a plastic sleeve on my keychain. So much easier.

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Do what works!

I feel kinda confident from reading that you don’t have to scan with a month pass. But that really required some digging. Did you ask? But yes to scanning the QR code with a 15 day or 7 day (or 1 day) pass on the metro.

I also figured out you don’t have to scan on busses or trams (unless you have a timed ticket). After I read it all a third time (after I got home and had already done all that scanning). And I never made it to the train. I DID get checked 5 or 6 times in my 2 weeks. It felt so official! Ha!

I don’t trust myself with pieces of paper…..

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I did get checked yesterday, so a good tip:

When will you get checked:.

Sometimes entering a subway station, but it's random.

Sometimes exiting a subway station, but it's random and rare.

Sometimes while on the subway, tram or bus; and this is the most interesting as the inspector will board in street clothes and put on an armband that identifies him/her and just start checking people at random.

If you are traveling on a single use ticket keep it until you have left the station and are 100m away as they have been known to follow you outside the station.

The fine was 8.000 ft last time I checked. Due on the spot and a lot more if you want to pay at the office.