Memento Park in Budapest - getting there is now easy

Getting to Budapest's Memento (Statue) Park is now very easy on public transportation, which saves money.

Take the newly opened M4 subway (green line) to its end at Kelenfold Pu. The station exit leads to a street level bus stop loop and parking lot. Take bus #101 to the park (about a 10 minute ride). Memento Park is a fixed stop on the route and you can't miss it. Don't take the #150 bus - it weaves through several neighborhoods and makes way too many stops. Please consider this revision in your next issue of your excellent travel guidebook for Budapest.

Just visited the park on June 17 and enjoyed it.

Happy travels!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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Thanks for posting this. I went to Memento Park in 2008 by public transit, and before I went I though Rick was exaggerating the difficulty of getting there; he wasn't. So this is great news.

You should also send this direclty to Rick's staff as Guidebook Feedback, using this link:

Posted by gone
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cool. Thanks for the update.

I will be going there this sept and wanted to see the park.

happy trails.

Posted by Michael Schneider
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While I enjoyed my visit to the park, it was a lot smaller than I expected. It will take you about 15 minutes to see the statues on your own. So you may spend more time getting there than touring it. It will make your visit more worth-it if you spend extra for the guided tour which goes into more detail.

Posted by Ray
Tigard, OR, USA
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Wow, good news. I really liked it when I was there..... a group of us took a taxi, which dropped us off, picked us up and took us back to our hotel. As it was split 4 ways, wasn't bad, but I like public transportation being available. Unfortunately, we were only there an hour but it was great.