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Medical equipment on Air Alitalia?

I travel with a cPap in it's own smallish bag.
I'm probably going to be booking a couple of inter-Europe flights on Alitalia in April.
Has anyone had experience with this extra bag being counted (or not) for the flight?
I'm not willing to check it and it will easily fit under the seat during the flights.
Everything else I can consolidate into one 21 inch RS rollaboard.
For US flights I know that it is not counted, and I didn't find anything about this question in the archives.
Thanks in advance for sharing any personal experience with this.

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Sharyn, try their customer assistance number from United States 800 223 5730. They will likely ask you if you intend to use it (i.e., need to plug it in to their electrical) during the flights.

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I had no problems at all on Alitalia with a medical device, BiPap, in a bag.

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Be sure to compare your RS bag to Alitalia's size and weight requirements if you're planning to use it as a carryon. Many European airlines require smaller sized carryons than the US legacy carriers and also have weight restrictions.

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Thanks, everybody, for your replies.
I will call Alitalia and ask them directly.
I will perhaps plan to check my bag if I'm not sure that the weight/size will fit their restrictions. (I'll make that decision before I buy the tickets.)
And I will hold out hope that all will be smooth "sailing."

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SharYn, I got verbal assurance that EasyJet would allow CPAP as a medical equipment carryon with no additional charge -- but not testing that intil January. I did however take note of the person's name and date/time of our conversation.