marozzi bus positano to rome

have seen details of bus rome to positano but need details of return. I will be in Positano and would like to take the Marozzi bus to rome on a sunday in september. Can I book in advance and where and where is the bus stop? Any help appreciated. Thanks. Shirley

Posted by Zoe
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Try or

Posted by Larry
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I believe that the Marozzi bus runs between Rome-Tiburtina and Sorrento or from Sorrento to Rome-Tiburtina from June 1 through September 30 only. Further, I believe that there are two buses a day from Sorrento (6:00am and 17:00pm) but only one on Sunday. The Sunday departure is at 17:00pm. The Marozzi bus goes to Sorrento but no further down the Amalfi Coast. From Sorrento to Positano, it's the SITA bus or the ferry.

Posted by Linda
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Between June and the end of September there is a Marozzi service between Positano and Rome. The route is Amalfi - Positano - Sorrento - Rome. It leaves Positano at 16:10, arriving Rome Tiburtina at 21:00. The Marozzi site says the stop is Chiesa Nuova which is one of the stops up on the main Coast Road. If it was me, for peace of mind, I would book in advance. Unfortunately the site is in Italian and putting their User Manual through Google translate does not really help!

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Thank you so much everyone. Yes, Linda, I have tried the Marozzi website but the English translation didn't work for me either and I agree the ticket should be bought in advance! Here's hoping!

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Hello, I realize you may have already been on your trip, but I wanted to post some insight in case others look at your question. We visited Europe this summer on a Rick Steves tour which ended in Rome. We added a few days at the end for a trip down to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. In preparation, we had our Italian Concierge contact Marozzi to arrange round trip transportation. Our concierge could not figure out how to use their website either, so she contacted them directly. We purchased tickets over the phone, and our concierge told us that Marozzi said for us to simply show up at the bus terminal with ID to get our tickets. The next day we arrived early to make sure we had time to get tickets, board etc. At the ticket counter the attendants said we should have been issued or emailed tickets by Marozzi, and that whoever told us to simply show up with ID was wrong. The ticket attendant could not confirm our reservation nor issue our tickets. The bus was also sold out at this point. When the bus arrived at the station, we asked the driver if he could confirm our reservation, which he said he could not. He also repeated what the ticket booth attendant said, that whomever told us to show up with ID and no ticket was wrong. As you can imagine, we were stressed out trying to resolve this before the bus left, which it did. We ended up taking the train system, which actually got us there faster, but cost much more. We are currently contesting the charge with our bank, and Marozzi is claiming no fault. Just a warning to make sure they email actual tickets before boarding.